Celebrations for the Feast of St Dominic

A great feast day of the first class is always accompanied with much festivity. Aside from the liturgical ceremonies of Solemn Vespers, Mass and other Offices, the Sisters, girls’ school pupils, Tertiaries and ex-pupils were also involved in many other activities.


Mass was offered at 9am the day of the Feast itself. Father preached a beautiful sermon on Saint Dominic’s life, virtues, and sanctity. The Sisters sang the Propers and also Palestrina’s Sicut Cervus and Guerrero’s Gloriose Confessor Domini. Mass ended with a rousing Hymn to St Dominic, an original composition by a Sister from the New Zealand Dominicans.


There was a high tea for the ex-pupils and Tertiaries, who were able to catch up with each other on what they had been doing since leaving school.

In the afternoon, we also had the blessing of the new building.

The new building painted and almost ready for occupancy.
Father explains the blessing while Mr Mathey acts as the altar boy.
It's a narrow corridor...

And in the evening, it seemed like the entire parish had been mobilised to cook a first-class dinner fit for a king. Thank you everyone!

God bless the cooks!
Saint Dominic came, not with wooden spoons, but chocolate ones.