St Dominic's Girls' College

It is a private Catholic College for the purpose of protecting the freedom and purity of Catholic education.

St Dominic’s College has grown organically in response to the need of children graduating from St Anthony’s Catholic Primary school to be able to continue their Catholic Education in a Traditional Catholic Secondary school which shares the same values. St Dominic’s began in the year 1999 with a small role and a handful of staff. Today, it is staffed by a body of 2 priests, 8 sisters, and 2 lay teachers in the endeavour to offer the highest standard of education possible.

Our school is centred on Christ and the family. We work closely with Christian families and parents/caregivers to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students. We require of all families attending the school that they be willing to practice and promote the Catholic faith at home as much we do at school. The unity between home and school practices is part of the holistic approach to Traditional Catholic Education that has produced such great achievers of all ages, and which will continue to do so.



St Dominic’s is divided into three houses of multi-level composition. The houses compete annually in a variety of interhouse competitions ranging from musical to cultural, sporting to performing arts events which offer the pupils opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, initiative and creativity. The inter-house events are usually very competitive but always complimentary to the Catholic ethos of the school. The House System is an enhancement of the existent school structure designed to foster a love of school and build stronger bonds among students.  By providing an additional level of interaction among pupils and allowing for leadership (and followership) opportunities, the House System cultivates a true sense of belonging within the school, providing that sense of “ownership” that always accompanies increased responsibility and accountability.



Small School Approach

St Dominic’s College being a small school has the benefit of small classes at all levels. This allows staff to focus more on the individual learner’s needs, but is also limits the number of subjects available at any one time in the school. For this reason all subjects taught are compulsory for each student. The subjects provided reflect the schools intention to offer a classical education which will give the pupil a well-rounded formation for life rather than a specialised preparation for any one career path.


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