Highlights from the Guild Dinner

Thank you for sharing the evening with us. We will be uploading the recordings of the evening for those who were unable to make it there soon, after the flurry of examination-correcting and report-writing is over!

To listen to Mother General’s Speech and view the slides, click on the image.

But for the moment, here are some photographs and an audio-recording of the crowd-pleasing music number by Sister Mary Anna and Sr Mary Agnes.

Ex-pupils were delighted to catch up with their friends and the Sisters who taught them.
Mother’s surviving blood sisters drove up from Wellington to be with her for the evening.
Fr Albert was the guest speaker.
To liven up the crowd, part of the entertainment included a game that involved lots of thinking while passing-the-parcel.
One of the highlights of the evening included Sr Mary Anna on the violin accompanied by Sr Mary Agnes.
They had the audience enthralled.
The evening concluded with a speech given by Mother General, and the Sisters singing 2 pieces: a Canon/Round composed for the occasion, a polyphonic piece by Victoria, and Hail! St Dominic.

For those who were able to be there with us, we hope you enjoyed the evening. May God and His Holy Mother continue to bless you for all that you have done for the Sisters.

4 Responses to Highlights from the Guild Dinner

  1. Beautiful pictures — and bravissime to the two performers! Brahms would be proud What was the text of the world-premiere round? Looking forward to hearing the rest of the recordings!

  2. Dear Mothers and Sisters,

    Thank you for the most wonderful evening, it was such a pleasure to be with you all. May God bless you.

    • Thank you for having us, it was such a wonderful evening. We have definitely saved dates for next years Guild Dinner, God Willing my mother in Samoa will be able join as she really wanted to attend the Guild dinner this year.

      Faafetai tele lava,

      The Samoans from Christchurch

  3. Congratulations dear Sisters! It is good to hear news from your apostolate and even some light hearted activities! Persevere. We appreciate your prayers for us here in Arcadia, CA. USA. After 13 years, I look forward to visiting again when the time allows. God bless you all.

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