Prayer Requests

In this time of uncertainty, prayer is more important than ever. While the world continues its march further and further away from the true God, let us re-double our efforts in prayer – certain that God will hear us.

Please feel free to leave your prayer requests and special prayer intentions on this page, and we will put your requests up on the prayer board in our convent chapel.

Private prayer requests can also be emailed to us.

Thank you also for remembering the Sisters in your prayers, and for helping us both in our spiritual and material needs. Please support us in our fundraising efforts! We thank especially all those who have been so kind as to drop off produce, groceries, essentials, goodies and even home-brewed preventative remedies to help us!

The traditional Latin Mass is available online, celebrated in private – even if unable to physically assist at Mass, do unite yourselves in spirit to the Holy Sacrifice, and make a spiritual communion, while imploring God to spare His people while we prepare for the solemnity of Easter.

17 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. A prayer request from a person who wishes to remain anonymous – thank you for your message and we have written your petitions down on the prayer board of our chapel. – Sister

  2. Dear Sisters,
    Please pray for the priests and parishioners of Our Lady of the Angels in Arcadia, CA. USA.
    We rely on your prayers. In this Covid-19 Crisis we are outside for Masses on Sunday. But soon we will present our case before the Governor, suing to return to indoor public worship.
    God bless you!
    In Christ,
    Fr. Burfitt

  3. I ask for prayers for my seriously ill sister Anna Isone and for my parents Pasquale and Speranza who are desperate.

  4. Pray for Richard and Elizabeth that they obtain custody of their 3 year old precious grand-daughter, Sophia Rose, to raise her with TLC in their Christian home. (Sophia’s dad wanted an abortion and Sophia’s mom (R & E’s daughter) is a single parent but doing drugs and not properly caring for Sophia.) Pray for angels to protect Sophia, for God’s loving presence and Jesus to heal the hurts and save souls within this family. Thank you.

  5. God Bless All the Dominican Nuns for All Their Prayers Amen
    Derek Gerard Solomon
    St Michael Archangel Protect us
    Father Son Holy Ghost Amen

  6. Please pray for my Dad to end his affair and leave that woman, and be enlightened and my mother to come back to the Sacraments it’s been 4 decades.. for unity and peace reconciliation and Angela’s conversation as well.

  7. Please pray for my family that we may continue grow in the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Mary our Mother pray for us and for the souls in purgatory.

  8. Please pray for my step-daughter Nicole who hasn’t been baptised and is already 16 years old, her mother has been into witchery in the past (I don’t know about now), but she’s told Nicole bad things about God and the Catholic church despite of her being Catholic herself…i really feel for the girl and she is on a stage of her life where she need God the most but she needs to experience his love closely so her heart follows him…please pray for her …

  9. Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon
    I’m suffering Persecution
    St Michael Archangel protect us
    St Joseph pray for us
    Jesus Mary Joseph

  10. Praised be Jesus & Mary!

    Please pray for my mum, Margaret Kong Sien Kiem as she is suffering from heart problems and other health problems. May Our Lord cure her and grant her speedy recovery. May Our Lady bless her with Her motherly blessings and save her life. May God protect her from all harms and diseases so that she can continue living in this world healthily and happily

  11. Please pray for my family to find a decent house to live in at Wanganui. Also for financial blessings. We would like to move to Wanganui to be closer to Traditional Latin Mass and send my son Dominic to St. Anthony’s school.

  12. Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon
    I’m suffering Persecution
    St Michael Archangel protect us
    St Michael Archangel protect us
    St Antonio Padua Pray For us
    Padre Pio Pietrelcina Pray for us

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