Prayer Requests

In this time of uncertainty, prayer is more important than ever. While we may perhaps never know for sure what was the cause of the CoVID-19 outbreak, how it got transmitted, or why God allows such calamities to happen, He still hears our prayers!

Please feel free to leave your prayer requests and special prayer intentions on this page, and we will put your requests up on the prayer board in our convent chapel.

Private prayer requests can also be emailed to us.

Thank you also for remembering the Sisters in your prayers, and for helping us both in our spiritual and material needs. Please support us in our fundraising efforts! We thank especially all those who have been so kind as to drop off produce, groceries, essentials, goodies and even home-brewed preventative remedies to help us!

The traditional Latin Mass is available online, celebrated in private – even if unable to physically assist at Mass, do unite yourselves in spirit to the Holy Sacrifice, and make a spiritual communion, while imploring God to spare His people while we prepare for the solemnity of Easter.


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