Talofa means Hello in Samoan

On Friday, 30 June, a vanload of Sisters drove off to Melbourne Airport amid a chorus of beeps, goodbyes and even a loud bon-voyage from the Year 10 Girls, who were cheekily observing how to say goodbye Rosary Convent style from their classroom windows. Mother Mary Catherine, Sister Mary Rose, Sister Mary Anna and Sister Mary Vincent Ferrer are now in the US for a Vocations Trip, while our dear postulant Destiny is home in Samoa for a holiday.

Samoa, home to two of our Sisters and enroute to America, simply could not be passed over. We had heard so much about the ripe harvest of souls in Samoa! As zealous apostles in the footsteps of our holy father St Dominic, the Sisters flew into Apia, where they were met by the Leung-Wai family and Fr Robinson, SSPX, who had kindly agreed to accompany them on this leg of their trip.

Fr Robinson and the Sisters soon after arriving in Apia.

The Sisters were fortunate to meet with the youth group of the Cathedral parish, and also visited the Carmelites and Little Sisters of the Poor with Fr Robinson. They gave talks on the Traditional Mass and Religious Life, and were heartily grateful for the warmth and hospitality given them by the Samoans, who were not only friendly but also wonderfully religious and Christian in outlook.

The Little Sisters of the Poor in Samoa.

The beauty of the souls encountered in Samoa was matched by the beauty of the island itself, with breathtaking views of coast and sea – and coconuts aplenty!

Sister Mary Rose and Sr Mary Vincent Ferrer gamely posing with refreshing coconut juice.

For us left behind in Rosary Convent, every email home from our missionary Sisters is an exciting source of news and new impetus for prayer. We follow their travels assiduously, commiserating with their fatigue and enjoying each new experience that comes with visiting a different culture in a foreign land. Do join us in praying for more vocations and the preservation of Dominican spirituality and Catholic education – such prayer cannot be ignored by the Lord of the harvest, Who has enjoined us all to pray that there may be labourers in His vineyard.

The Cathedral Parish Youth Group.

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  1. Very nice photos Destiny!! We wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon.

    Love you and take care of yourself:)

  2. E muamua ona faafoi le viiga ile tatou Tamå o ile lagi, ona o mea lelei sa ia faia ma foaiina maia mo i tatou. Ua leva na ou tatalo ile tatou Tamå Ina ia mafai ona faatû se tatou Misiona ile tatou atunuu pele o Samoa ma Tokelau i lalo ole galuega ole SSPX.
    Olea oute talosaga atu ai ma le faaaloalo lava i lõ outou Tamaita’i Så ina ia manatua pea lenei taumafaiga i outou talosaga ile tatou Tamå o ile lagi i aso uma, ma le agaga maualalo. Faafetai lava. Soifua ma ia manuia.

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