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Will You Please Help Us?

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Will you help us please?

The months have simply flown by, all too quickly, with its round of work, school, and prayer. Already half the year has gone, and the second Semester of school beckoning round the corner with the always eagerly-anticipated feastday of our holy father Saint Dominic, choir festivals, and the joyous celebration of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

But, in order for our work and apostolate to continue, we do need your help and prayers. Funds are urgently needed to complete the second wing of the Convent to accommodate the young ladies who wish to give themselves to God by living the Dominican life. Our latest newsletter has the details of it all. Please do download a copy and pass it on to your friends and relatives, and anyone whom you think would be in the position to help us in any way. No sacrifice, prayer or gift will be counted small in the eyes of Almighty God.

An aerial view of the Convent as it stands now.

As you can see from the photograph above, we haven’t got a cloister, only an “L” wing, which leaves us very much exposed to the elements. As we are in a swampy area here in Tynong, the ground gets water-logged very quickly, especially in winter, and turns into sticky clay that clumps around one’s feet. (We also get entire colonies of mosquitoes in the summer!) With the driving rains of winter upon us, we have to battle floods and mudpools while making our way to school several times a day, often in dire weather conditions. The smaller-built Sisters sometimes literally get “blown away” by the wind!

Please, if you are able to better our situation, we would be happy to hear from you! We pray for all who have and continue to support us in our work and apostolate here in the antipodes – may the good Lord be gracious and merciful to us all.

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O Jesus, gentlest Love, let Thy will be done in us always as it is in Heaven by your angels and saints!
- St Catherine of Siena

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