What’s happening at the Motherhouse and Novitiate at Rosary Convent..?

Happy and Holy Eastertide to one and all from all of us here at the Motherhouse and Novitiate in Tynong!

With the help of many generous and strong-armed men (and women!), we have moved into our brand new Convent at 1 Tynong Road. Despite some hiccups with being connected with the outside world – we have been phone-less, then internet-less, and then both phone-less and internet-less in the past few days – it is lovely to be here in the new buildings. The separate novitiate, larger common rooms and spacious verandahs certainly contribute to a more contemplative atmosphere. For nature-lovers, we also have new winged neighbours in the form of white-faced herons and black-winged stilts, and flocks and flocks of wood ducks that convene regularly on the Convent grounds. The Easter holidays have indeed been a welcome break for all the Sisters, who have enjoyed relaxing trips to Wilson’s Botanical Gardens and Phillip Island with Mother Catherine while the sun still shines and before we buckle down for a wet winter.

The Southern Star: Newsletter for the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui

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O Jesus, gentlest Love, let Thy will be done in us always as it is in Heaven by your angels and saints!
- St Catherine of Siena

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Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Pray for us!

“Do what you have to do with joy and a loving heart.”

Before all things, most dear Sisters, love God, and after Him, your neighbour.